Horse Illustrated:
January 2005 Article
Great overview of the breed!
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About Fells
Heritage Breeds
Our Mares

Fell Pony Society Magazine:
Spring 2011
Small write-up on Dream Hayven & great photo on inside back cover!
Horse Illustrated:
January 2013
Concise breed review
WI State Farmer:
April 2009
Article showcasing Dream Hayven Farm Fell Ponies.
Martha Stewart Blog: December 2014
That's right, THE Martha Stewart announced on her blog (link above), that she recently purchased a Fell Pony gelding for her grandchildren. Lots of pics and excitement regarding their new arrival!
Fell Pony
Winter 2012
Short article I wrote regarding our interstate move from WI to TN.
ACTHA Monthly:
February 2015 Article
Read all about us, and Fell Ponies, in this 6 page article!
Equine Journal:
July 2011 Article
Native Pony article picturing our stallion Littletree Bodini
Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar:
June 2009 Excerpt
Local news picturing our first ambassador Fell Pony gelding 'Dickens', who went on to a family in Boston, MA
Native Pony:
May 2009 Article
Profile article featuring our mentors at Littletree Stud, UK,
and Littletree Bodini
Out Here Quarterly:
Fall 2015 Article
A feature story on Dream Hayven & our Fell Ponies!
Horse Illustrated: July 2016
Fell Ponies are the featured breed in this national publication, starting on page 64.  Read about several Fells making an impression in their respective disciplines, including one Dream Hayven's stallions, Stennerskeugh Danny Boy.