Our Fell Ponies are a Dream Come True!
With nearly 70 purebred Fell Pony foals to our credit, our stewardship to Fell Ponies and dedication to the breed standard is evident.   Our weanlings mature into stunning, athletic, typey, show stopping adults, with soundness and hardiness proven by our nearly 20 year program. We have Sold Ponies to nearly every state, in addition to Canada and the UK. Email me to discuss your future Fell Pony!

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Reasons to Buy Your Fell Pony from Dream Hayven Farm:
Research The Breeder!

With our expected 2023 foals, we are sure to create the pony that is just right for you! We refreshed our mare herd after 2021 foaling, and have brought in a 'Class of 2022' five ponies strong offering fresh selections and newly imported lines for our future foaling seasons.

 Our program produces extraordinary Fell Ponies, offering proven value though our prior, more mature stock from earlier seasons.  If you want a quality, healthy foal from an experienced, dedicated breeder with a curated, hand-selected herd of directly imported lines, then a Dream Hayven foal is for you.

TRANSPORT: Our ponies have been successfully shipped to their forever homes across the country, and into Canada. If needed, we are able to arrange this for you with a reputable professional transporter. When possible, we even personally deliver our ponies straight to your door!

IN-UTERO: Often times, our foals are reserved prior to birth . Please contact us if you are interested in our upcoming foals. A reasonable deposit is all that is necessary to reserve your choice of foals. We offer gender specific contracts, color specific contracts, mare-stallion specific contracts, and more- all with refundable deposits. This is also the most economical way to plan your purchase, as a discount is given for pre-season contracts.

COMPREHENSIVE VALUE:  Our weanling foals are handled on a regular basis to ensure a smooth transition to their new homes, including haltering, leading, grooming, trailer loading and proper hoof handling. Additionally, our foals (and of course our entire herd!) are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and registered with the Fell Pony Society, all of which is included in our purchase pricing. We are also one of the select breeders in the country that cover the cost of transferring your pony into your name, handling the complication of sending paperwork to England, along with the  necessary international currency. We believe this is just another example of comprehensive value, professionalism, and stewardship.

Email me here!

How do you choose one weanling from the next? If you are new to Fell Ponies, you may not yet know all the things to consider when choosing a suitable pony for your future.

We are here to help you make an informed, knowledgeable decision. As with any breed, there are very important differences between just any Fell Pony, and a great Fell Pony you will be happy with for a lifetime.

The growing popularity of forums and groups on social media has created an outlet for the misinformed to lead the many. Dream Hayven's owner, Melissa, is one of only 2 Fell Pony Society (FPS) Panel judges in North America. She pursued this designation in large part for the education it offers to sincere breeders. The effort to familiarize yourself with proper breed type and analysis of the breed standard must go beyond the ponies in your own herd. Scrolling past pictures is simply not enough. Fell Pony breeders devoted to the cause will travel regularly to England to learn the subtle differences between desired movement, conformation, type and hardiness.

Over the years, we have journeyed 'there and back again' to Cumbria, England, the home of Fell Ponies, to further our own working knowledge of the breed and learn from those that have been breeding these fine ponies for generations. And in 2019, we inaugurated our first ever guided tour offering & now even more popular, Ponies N' Pints Cumbrian Tours!