Training & Consulting
Our expertise with the Fell Pony is strengthened by a lifetime of hands-on personal and professional equine experiences, now spanning four decades! Fell Ponies have become our passion and our focus exclusively. Oftentimes, we are contacted by newcomers to the breed for advice. Our Dream Hayven family of buyers have our unlimited guidance. For others, we offer consulting via phone on a by-the-hour basis, as well as a flat rate 'lifetime' option for as long as you own your Fell Pony.

We Offer:
Nutrition Recommendations Specific to Fell Ponies
Buyer's Agent Services
Seller's Agent Services, including Marketing Packages
Hypothetical Breeding Analysis Services

We also offer select training opportunities for Fell Ponies at our main facility in Tennessee.

  • The methods we utilize are based on safety of the equine and the handler (no parlor tricks!), and communicating a true understanding of the practical aspects of being in a partnership with your pony.
  • Your pony's accommodations will be tailored to their needs; from full board, partial or even full individualized or group turn out, as well as choices on program time frame, duration and more.
  • We have now spent over 15 years specializing in Fell Ponies, and that dedicated concentration has allowed us opportunities to delve into the breed and its nuances more comprehensively than a non-focused program.
  • The owner, Melissa Kreuzer, is one of only two Fell Pony Society Approved Panel Judges in all of North America. She has stood center ring in England and learned from some of our breed's most accomplished judges. She has been in attendance at many of the breed's top shows in the UK, and has even exhibited at the Fell Pony Breed Show! Prior to ever starting her own farm, she worked full-time and mentored under professional trainers in the equine industry to truly learn the craft of horsemanship and the value of work.

We also are proud of our collaboration with Nichole Jansen, owner of Waypoint Carriage Ponies, based in Florida. Nichole and Melissa share a dedication to the breed, and parallel work ethics & ​care standards for their Fell Ponies. Nichole's success in the carriage driving discipline speaks to her abilities, with safety being paramount.

Please contact us directly via email to discuss.
We also offer a very popular consignment program, importing services, and more!
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