In-Hand & Ridden CHAMPION

One of the Most Accomplished Fell Pony Stallions Ever to be Imported
to North America!

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© Jeffrey Gibson
Imported from Cumbria, England
Sire: Rylstone Black Knight
Dam: Lunesdale Gypsy Rose
Registration #FP51308C*
Stallion License #FP338, AI #27
Measuring near 14HH
Bodini is the result of a "royal" match- sired by Rylstone Black Knight (dcd.), out of a princess of a mare, Lunesdale Gypsy Rose, daughter of one of the best known matriarch mares of our time- Lunesdale White Rose (dcd).  Each pony was in their own right a Champion.
S. Ferrymount Timothy, D. Stennerskeugh Mandy
Foaled 1993, Deceased 2006

2004 Supreme M&M In-hand Champion, Hertfordshire County

2004 NPS Summer Championships Barnett/Balanced Horse
           Feeds M&M Ridden Championship- 1st Place Fell, Dales &

2004 Royal Welsh Show, Ridden Mountain & Moorland, Fell
           Highland & Dales, Stallion, Mare or Gelding, 4 Years & Over,
           1st Place and HOYS ticket qualifier

Sired 33 Registered Fell Pony foals
(C)Allison Wolff Photography
LOVE this pony!! Melissa & Bo at Kentucky Horse Park
Bodini was born with a gleam in his eye, with his potential to make a meaningful contribution to the breed very easy to recognize even then. Since his debut as a yearling, this pony has gone on to meet thousands of people in his worldwide adventures, and won their hearts with his captivating presence and playfulness! His intelligence and insistence on being noticed is passed to his foals, who charm their owners with their almost human-like capacity to interact.

Bodini has been on trail rides with mixed genders, crowded arenas with horses on all sides, and been to countless expos representing our breed. It is these off-farm experiences that reveal the true partnership and mindset of trainability in a pony.

 Here on the farm, he can be trusted to serve our mares naturally, whether they be maiden or with a newborn foal at their side. His life in England, from running with his mares on the Cumbrian hills to performing in a packed arenas under lights, gave this pony the ultimate blend of traditional characteristics and modern athleticism needed to have a useful 'job' in today's largely recreational equestrian society.
Bo in one of his first sessions in America, with dressage trainer Nicole Trapp.
Bo competing at the Dressage Pony Cup with Melissa Kreuzer
The first time I saw Bo's face on American soil
Bo on his way to the exhibition ring at the Northern IL Horse Fest
Bo looking amazing in the exercise pen at Minnesota
Bowie as I know him, every day
If you aren't familiar with Fell Ponies & their ability to jump, remember this photo!Beaut
Beautiful Bo at USDF regionals
Right before going thru the gates to our 'on stage' performance
Candid photo back in our WI barnyard. (C)Karen Brenner
Bo & I with falcon, photo & falcon courtesy Sharon Montgomery
Bodini has accomplished many wonderful things; but stallions must pass these wonderful things to their offspring, or their usefulness as a breeding stallion is naught. As of 2020, Bodini has sired multiple Supreme Champions, an international Duke of Edinburgh Excellence in Driving Award Winner, and has SIX times been awarded the North American FPSNA PPA Stallion Progeny Award (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021) the only stallion on our continent to do so!).
The Fell Ponies below, some of the offspring of Bodini, are proof of the type & quality he can produce.
Littletree Born Identity. Foaled 2005.
Shown in this picture as a three year old, rising four.
Ridden by Emma Woolley.
Photo courtesy Littletree Stud.
Current owner Miss Moore.
Littletree Born Supremacy, Gelding, foaled 2005
"Jason", Owned by Allison Wolff
Shown with awards won at
2013 Dressage Pony Cup
(C)Suzanne Fischer
Littletree Leading Lady, foaled 2005.
"Betty", previously owned & shown by S.M. Simister
Littletree Bessie Bell, brown mare foaled 2005. Shown 2015. Now in America!
Littletree Cornelia, foaled 2006
Current owner K. Bowling
Photo courtesy K. Bowling, 2012
Littletree Doubletake
Gelding, foaled 2006
Current owner K. Stubbs
Littletree Bold Impression
Gelding, foaled 2006
Current owner C. Clare
Shown 2011
Supreme Champion Littletree Limited Edition, licensed stallion foaled 2007. Pictured at Great Yorkshire show 2014, J. Stevens, up. Now owned by Nichole Jansen, FL!
Raisbeck Columbus
Mare foaled 2007
Current owner J. Ellwood
Littletree Ladybird
Mare foaled 2007
Current owners M/M Parker
Grace II, mare foaled in 2009. Joined Dream Hayven in 2018. Pictured 2019, ©Kristina McKenzie
Supreme Champion DreamHayven Double Agent, licensed stallion foaled 2009. Owner H. Rich, FL. Pictured in events during 2015.
DreamHayven Daphne Jane
Mare foaled 2009
Owner DJ Boon
Shown in 2012, photo (C)Moonlit Fell Pony Farm
DreamHayven Diplomat
Gelding foaled 2010
Owner DJ Boon
Shown at birth with G Kreuzer, copyright DHF, LLC
DreamHayven Decadence, mare foaled 2010. Owned by E. Miller, WA. Pictured in 2018.
DreamHayven Vagabond
Gelding foaled 2010
Owners M/M O'Bannon, MO
Shown in 2013, photo (C)DHF, LLC
Bo's Gypsy Dreamer
Mare foaled 2010
Owner G Schaffert
Shown in 2012, photo (C)DHF, LLC
DreamHayven Dagonet
Gelding foaled 2011
Owner L Davis, KY
Photo (C)DHF, LLC
DreamHayven Avalon Mist
Grey filly foaled 2013.
Retained by Dream Hayven. Shown second time under saddle ©Waypoint Carriage Ponies.
DreamHayven Valhalla, mare foaled 2013. Pictured in 2018. Owned by J. Welsh, TX. On lease to Dream Hayven.
DreamHayven Endora
Filly foaled 2014
Retained by Dream Hayven Farm
Photo (C)DHF, LLC
© Allison Wolff Photography
S. Lunesdale Henry , D. Lunesdale White Rose
Foaled 1994

2006 - NPS Area 4 - Reserve Champion Fell Pony

2003 - Snaith Agricultural Show - Reserve Champion
               Mountain and Moorland In-hand

2003 - Lowther Show - 1st Young Handler

2003 - NPS Area 4 Show - 1st Large Breeds Mountain and
               Moorland In-hand

Foaled 7 Registered Fell Ponies
2008 & Present with Dream Hayven Farm:
2008 Imported to America!
2008 Successfully Collected for AI Fresh and Frozen
2008 Stallion Avenue & "Night of the Horse" Presenter, Northern IL Horse Fest
2008 SANA Res. CH Ridden Fell
Rare Breeds Festivale, Kentucky Horse Park
2008 2nd- Fell Pony Stallion/Gelding In-Hand
Rare Breeds Festivale, Kentucky Horse Park

2009 Stallion Exhibitor & Breed Demonstrator
Horse-A-Rama, Manitowoc, WI
2009  Breed & Stallion Participant
Minnesota Horse Fest, St. Paul, MN
2009 1st Place M&M In-Hand
Bit of Wales Horse Show, WI
2009 1st Place M&M In-Hand 3 & Over,Champion M&M In-Hand, 1st Place M&M Halter, Champion Open Halter & NPS America Overall Champion
WOW Showtime Summer Show, WI
2009 USDF Region 2 Dressage Championships Qualifier
Sorenson Farms, WI
2009 USDF National All Breeds Award Winner- Mature Stallion
2009 NPS America Gold Medal Winner- M&M Division 
2009 NPS America Gold Medal Winner- Exhibitions
2009 Sired:
DreamHayven Double Agent (dam  Hiske vh Westerkwartier)
DreamHayven Daphne Jane (dam Moespot Hazel)
Grace II (dam Majestic (USA) Madeline)

2010 Royal Joust Pre-Show & Gift to the "Queen",
Bristol Renaissance Faire
2010 Sired:
DreamHayven Diplomat (dam Corrennie Afton)
DreamHayven Decadence (dam Littletree Babysham)
DreamHayven Vagabond (dam Hiske v.h. Westerkwartier)
Bo's Gypsy Dreamer (dam Mustahevonen Rheged's Lemon Drop)

2011 Spirit of the Stallion Performer,
in cooperation with trainer Laura Amandis,
Bristol Renaissance Faire
2011 Became a member of the Laura Amandis Professional Horse Team
2011 Dances With Horses Performer,
with Laura Amandis
McElroy Auditorium, Waterloo, IA
2011 Nutcracker on Horseback Dinner Theatre, Noble Horse Productions
with Laura Amandis
Chicago, IL
2011 Sired:
DreamHayven Dagonet (dam Lunesdale White Heather)

Well deserved year of vacation and farm re-location to Tennessee

2013 Fell Pony Ambassador
Bristol Renaissance Faire
2013 Sired:
DreamHayven Avalon Mist (dam Lunesdale White Heather)
DreamHayven Arcadia (dam DreamHayven Aurora)
DreamHayven Valhalla (dam Hiske v.h. Westerkwartier)

2014 Sired:
DreamHayven Endora (dam Corrennie Afton)
Hardenberg Kronprinz Olaf (dam Mustahevonen Rheged's Lemon Drop)

2015 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner
2015 Sired:
DreamHayven Providence (dam Hiske v.h. Westerkwartier)
DreamHayven Divine Will, dcd. (dam DreamHayven Aurora)

2017 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner

2018 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner
2018 Sired:
DreamHayven Aphrodite (dam Castle Hill Dainty)
Hardenberg Griffen (dam Lownthwaite Hazel)

2019 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner
2019 Sired:
DreamHayven King Arthur (dam Lunesdale White Heather)

2020 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner
2020 Sired:
DreamHayven Merlin (dam Lunesdale White Heather)
DreamHayven Dark Knight (dam DreamHayven Dahlia)
DreamHayven Boudicca (dam Murthwaite Nat's Lass)
DreamHayven Wainwright (dam Bybeck Sienna)
DreamHayven Winter Soldier (dam Castle Hill Dainty)

2021 FPSNA Stallion Progeny Award Winner
2002/03/04/05 with Woolley's Littletree Stud:
2002 Born Littletree Bodini, Cumbria, England

2003 Supreme Yearling Champion, NCPA Lancashire Show
2003 - Reserve CH M&M In-Hand & CH Novice M&M Pony In-Hand, Ponies (UK) Northern Show
2003 3rd Place Yearling Colt, FPS Breed Show
         (behind 1st Place Carrock I'm Yer Man, Mrs G. Cockbain)

2004  Licensed as FPS Fell Pony Stallion
2004 1st & 1st Res CH Novice M&M In-Hand, 1st Res CH Amateur Produced Novice M&M In-Hand, Ponies (UK) Winter Championships

2005 Sired:
Littletree Born Identity (dam Stennerskeugh Frances II)
Littletree Born Supremacy  (dam Lunesdale Blackbird)
Littletree Bessie Bell (dam Lunesdale White Heather)
Littletree Leading Lady (dam Restar Mountain Dolly)
Littletree Cruise Control (DCD; dam Lunesdale Columbine)

2006 Sired:
Littletree Cornelia (dam Lunesdale Columbine)
Littletree Bold Impression (dam Stennerskeugh Frances II)
Littletree Doubletake (dam Restar Mountain Dolly)

2006/2007 with Nicole Musson:
2007 HOYS M&M Finalist
2007 NPS Silver Medal Winner
2007 Keston Royal Occasion Confined Novice In-Hand Champion, Ponies (UK) Winter Championships
2007 CH & 1st Place Ridden Highland, Fell & Dales, Ridden Native Pony of Britain, Royal London Show
2007 Sired:
Littletree Limited Edition (dam Greenholme Veronica)
Littletree Ladybird (dam Lunesdale Blackbird)
Raisbeck Columbus (dam Lunesdale Columbine) 

The resume of a lifetime performer: In-hand, under saddle, multiple disciplines, multiple continents. All the while, doing the job of a breeding stallion, natural service, living out as a true Fell Pony. A working pony, a companion,  and the foundation to our farm who has rewarded us in so many ways.
As a two year old, at Ponies (UK) Winter Championships, Champion Novice M&M In-Hand, shown by Emma Woolley
At Littletree Stud, schooling over free jumps as a four year old
In the warm up with Emma Woolley, Littletree Stud, England
With Emma Woolley, Littletree Stud, England, as a four year old
With Nicole Musson, England, as a six year old
With Melissa Kreuzer at Rare Breeds Horse Festivale, Kentucky Horse Park
With Melissa Kreuzer at the Minnesota Horse Expo, 2009
With Melissa Kreuzer, M&M In-Hand Champion, Bit of Wales Show 2009
At USDF In-Hand competition, 2009, with a final qualifying score to secure the 2009 Fell Pony All Breeds Award Champion Mature Stallion In-Hand