Dream Hayven Farm Fell Pony breeder in Tennessee
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Dream Hayven began in the mid 2000's, importing adult breeding stock direct from overseas & personally selecting those ponies from established, respected breeders & bloodlines. Our family farm grew slowly over the years, through hard work & dedication. That singular purpose has made our farm one of the most respected in our breed in all of North America. 

This large pony breed has a working history as old as the hills they are named after, with all the hardiness and character you would expect in this compact breed from the north.

Our mission from the start has been to steward this rare breed by producing Fell Ponies to the level exemplified by the best breeders in England.  Dream Hayven's breeding philosophy has always been based on adherence to the breed standard. This means we go beyond correct conformation. We look past our personal preferences. We study which pedigrees are producing the best foals worldwide. We analyze youngstock globally, and have developed an 'eye' for selecting equine through decades of practice.

If you're searching for a partner in your equine journey, to trust in the saddle & with your family,
Dream Hayven Fell Ponies are PROVEN in performance, have the PERSONALITY to enrich your life,
& the PRESENCE to capture your heart!