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As a Fell Pony Society Panel judge, I believe that adherence to our breed standard and what constitutes correct movement & type must be understood, certainly by anyone involved in breeding, especially in our shallow North American gene pool. Ambassador is the only licensed stallion in North America by the esteemed multi-Supreme Champion stallion Carrock I'm Yer Man (known affectionately as 'Tam'). For three years running, Tam was undefeated at the Fell Pony Society's annual Stallion Show, taking the top spot in 2005, 2006, and 2007, consecutively. Ambassador's dam, Drybarrows Dot, also had superb results on her day out to the show ring, being named the Reserve Champion Mare at the Fell Pony Society Breed Show in 2014. These titles were garnered by excellence displayed in breed standard conformation, and exceptional movement. We are very fortunate that Ambassador has inherited these qualities from his parents, at a time crucial to the well being of the Fell Pony!
Imported from Cumbria, England
Black, No Markings
FIS Clear
Sire: Carrock I'm Yer Man
Dam: Drybarrows Dot
Registration #FP72544C*
Stallion License #FP833, AI #56
Nearing 13.3HH
Drybarrows Ambassador
Ambassador has been proving himself along the way to becoming a licensed breeding stallion, and one of the very first was an honest assessment by his breeder David Thompson, of Ambassador's innate personality & quality as a foal, which is any breeder's first indication of the pony they will become. The Thompsons' have had well over 300 Fell Pony foals born under their family prefix, with decades of knowledge alongside of that. We'll be forever grateful to Drybarrows for the opportunity to import such a lovely colt. 

Ambassador has a kind nature, easy to handle, and is curious without being impetuous. Being a young pony, he can be quite playful, and is certainly athletic, when so inspired.

He has a lovely pony head, with no sign of coarseness, a nice small ear, and true silky, smooth feather, per our breed standard.

Performance & Progeny
Ambassador has been allowed to mature slowly, as nature intended, and is now at rising 4 years of age (start of 2019) going to begin a 90 day training experience to explore his natural talents and abilities.
We began his breeding career in 2018 with a limited book, serving 4 out of 4 mares successfully. Available to approved outside mares beginning in 2019 via Live Cover only.

Famous Family
Ambassador shares his parentage with a multitude of successful ponies, including Bracklinn Jackpot, Bracklinn Dynamite, Bracklinn Norah, Drybarrows Authentic, Drybarrows Advocate & Drybarrows Another Chapter.