Bybeck Tiffany

Imported by Dream Hayven in 2022
Mare, born 2017, grey, no markings, 13HH
Sire: Murthwaite Black Bobby
Dam: Bybeck Gatecrasher (S. Murthwaite Windrush: 2013 FPS Stallion Show Supreme CH; 
6X Hoys Qualifier;
4X Olympia Qualifier & Best of Breed)
Tiffany with her 2022 filly foal Harrison Secret Service
Tiffany and her filly their first morning at CEM quarantine in the United States
Tiffany loading into our trailer with me the day she was released from quarantine.
Tiffany her first morning here in TN
Tiffany as a foal at Bybeck, the summer I visited in 2017.
Tiffany is a gem of a mare, one that we were fortunate to have selected thanks to her breeder's recommendation when she became available in the UK in the summer of 2022. This mare has a calm and loving demeanor, and is very much an old soul at her young age.

It was really serendipitous as Tiffany made an impression on me as a foal, back when I was visiting the Bybeck stud the summer of 2017, snapping several photos of her and her dam, Bybeck Gatecrasher.
It is especially exciting to acquire a daughter of Murthwaite Black Bobby, a stallion in the UK who produced nearly 80 foals, over nearly twenty years of breeding. In that entire time, he produced only two grey fillies- Tiffany and one other, more than 10 years prior. His pedigree links back twice to a favored line for our program, Tebay Campbellton Victor, which has consistently produced foals with type and substance across varied mare lines. Our research indicates Tiffany is the only get of MW Black Bobby in North America, representing the strong maternal line of Tebay Blackbird.

Tiffany came through the arduous journey of importing, leaving the UK by ferry to cross into Europe, flying overseas to land in New York for just a few days, before being transported several hours to yet another quarantine for three weeks. Finally, after a 19 hour journey by road from the East Coast to our farm, she arrived like she has been here forever. We look forward to years of adventures with this little diamond!