DreamHayven Stolichnaya
Filly, born 2021, 100% black, no markings, FIS Clear
Imported Sire: Stennerskeugh Danny Boy
Dam Imported by Dream Hayven: Murthwaite Nat's Lass
(S. Lunesdale Redstart)
Stoli alongside our grey mare Lammerside Ayla, summer of 2023
The day Stoli was born.
Stoli's dam at Great Yorkshire Show, UK.
Stoli at just two weeks old, the day she met her nurse mare foster mum.
Stoli's dam grazing in the UK, summer of 2018.
Stolichnaya's story is a heart-wrenching one, as she is the last foal out of her dam, Murthwaite Nat's Lass, a one in a million mare we imported, who in 2021 died tragically due to a reaction to veterinary sedation during a dental procedure. Stoli was just 10 days old, with the loss of her mother in her eyes and a heavy heart no foal should ever know.
Yet we realized we were blessed to be given Stoli, a filly who was the image of her mother, so our attention focused on raising this young foal to the best of our ability. Within a day, we sourced a nurse mare for Stoli through a professional nurse mare provider. The two bonded instantly, and Stoli spent the summer cavorting with our other fillies, as a foal should.
Her pedigree is stacked on both sides with FPS Stallion Show and Breed Show champions, starting with her sire, Lunesdale Redstart, who was First among 2-Year-Old Colts and the Youngstock Champion at the 1999 FPS Stallion Show. Nat's maternal grandsire, Murthwaite Look at Me, is one of the most successful stallions in modern Fell Pony breeding, having been crowned Supreme Champion at the Fell Pony Society Stallion Show in 2002, 2003 & 2004! Although her dam has passed on, we are still very grateful to have a pony that carries the line of the esteemed Murthwaite stud, and forever grateful to the late Mr. Thomas Capstick for his contributions as a Fell Pony breeder.