Wellbrow Petula

Imported by Dream Hayven in 2023
Filly, born 2022, black, silver tail
FIS Clear
Sire: Wellbrow Mikado
2016 Great Yorkshire Show Fell Pony Breed CH
Dam: Wellbrow Lucky Lass (S. Heltondale Rover IV)
Petula alongside her dam, Wellbrow Lucky Lass
Petula as a weanling, working with her breeders to prepare for auction day.
The legendary Wellbrow Carmen at home at Wellbrow, granddam to Petula.
Petula, spending her first winter in Cumbria.
Wellbrow Greta, maternal sibling to Petula at maturity.
It was many years ago when I visited Wellbrow Stud for the first time, and it is an overwhelming sight to take in, with dozens of mares and foals to observe as they roam the Pennine Hills, as well as multiple stallions on premise to contemplate. Andrew and Michelle Thorpe are gracious hosts, and through them & their ponies I have learned much about the breed. Petula's dam, Wellbrow Lucky Lass, so impressed me during a visit, that I made a note of this mare, and hoped someday to have a foal from her. A few years later, my dream came true as at the age of 22 she produced Petula. She had not produced a filly since 2013, the exquisite Wellbrow Greta (shown above in photos).

Petula's tail female line is the 'Heltondale Lucky' line, begun in 1956 with Heltondale Lucky Girl. It is a Heltondale maternal line, as far back as before the Fell Pony Studbook began.  With the addition of Wellbrow Carmen as paternal granddam, Petula's pedigree has a strong female influence of highly regarded ponies. But a pedigree only goes so far, as "you can't ride paper".  Petula has great bone and one of the best pasterns I've seen on a filly, lending her exceptional movement, and feminine features which make her unmistakable as a filly. And her sire's temperament is as kind as you could hope for, as well as having the distinction of taking the breed championship at Great Yorkshire.

Our 'luck' continued as we were the successful bidder on Petula at the Fell Pony Society Sale, with all our questions answered in the weeks before by Michelle. Afterwards, we gave her a final winter in Cumbria, prior to her export home to Dream Hayven in the spring of 2023.

This filly is one of our 'class of 2022', a group of Fell Ponies we selected for their lineage, type and movement to represent Dream Hayven well into the future.