Dream Hayven Farm has been providing mobile animal entertainment since 2010, and we currently provide services in the Phoenix, AZ, Atlanta, GA and Chicagoland areas. We are also expanding our metro Nashville area offerings.  Our 'petting farm' offers a more dynamic experience than our typical competitors, focusing on a beautiful presentation, healthy and diverse animals, and education.  We are very much an 'interactive animal discovery garden'!

Our primary motivation in developing this branch of our farm was the opportunity to introduce our favorite breed- the Fell Pony- to literally thousands of new faces, the majority of whom never knew this breed existed.

The Fell Pony is a historically accurate representation of the type of equine (although known by other names) that existed in England at the time renaissance faires are typically being portrayed (late 1500's).  Ponies at that time in history were used in a variety of ways, including pulling wagons and working as pack ponies over the rough and bumpy roads that existed in the outlying areas of Britian during that era.

We arrive with an entire mobile farm, where you can usually find a variety of baby and miniature animals, including bunnies, goats, rare Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep, ducks, chickens and more.  Our animals are presented in a whimsical tended garden setting, surrounded by flowers and the beauty of nature.

Stop by and discover all we have to offer, including a glimpse at what may be the very rarest 'Fell Pony' indeed!

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