Frances at leisure at Dream Hayven
Melissa Kreuzer and Frances back in 2010, having a lesson at Littletree in Cumbria, UK.
Grazing with Lammerside Ayla, ©Kristina McKenzie
Frances accepted a few acting opportunities after her retirement as a performance pony.
Frances with one of her favorite friends, Lammerside Ayla
With thanks to the Jansen family of Waypoint Carriage Ponies, FL, we are delighted to have Frances on loan and semi-retirement here in Tennessee, for select times during the year. Frances was a hugely successful Fell Pony and great representative of our breed back in England, having qualified and been to Olympia twice, including being awarded Best of Breed! She also produced two lovely foals in England under the Littletree prefix, prior to being imported by the Jansens as a pleasure pony.
Frances is a good natured, docile old mare now, content to introduce newcomers to the breed via her work as an ambassador pony and the many roles available to her in those venues. When Frances is not traveling and acting, she is content to graze our acreage and play 'Auntie' to our foals every spring.
Stennerskeugh Frances II

Imported from the UK
Born 2001, grey, no markings, 13.2HH
Sire: Lunesdale Tarquin
(2007 FPS Stallion Show Res CH)
Dam: Stennerskeugh Frances

Kindly on loan from Waypoint Carriage Ponies