Lyndarick Flicka

Imported by Dream Hayven in 2023
Filly, born 2022, black, no markings
FIS Clear

Sire: Greenholme Jasper
Dam: Greenholme Fenella
(S. Murthwaite Wanted Man)
Flicka in Cumbria as a foal.
Flicka the very morning of the sale.
Flicka and Wellbrow Petula on their first day together.
Leaving USDA quarantine with Petula.
There is a lot about Flicka that caught our attention, but what impressed overall was her movement, which of course is a result of good conformation! She is a brave and inquisitive filly, and easy to handle in every way.

Flicka's tail female line is the Heltondale Polly Perkins matriarchal line, a line that is a dozen mares strong that goes back over 50 years., and is held in high regard.  Like her 'twin', Wellbrow Petula whom we selected at the same time, Flicka has exceptional flat bone, with a refined head and prominent eye. She is the first filly born from her dam.

It was like Christmas morning the day of the Society Sale, as the Potter family had been very gracious and taken the time to provide additional photos and videos at our request, and at short notice as well! When we were the successful bidder on Flicka at the Fell Pony Society Sale, we had no idea she would pair up so very completely with our prior winning bid of the morning, Wellbrow Petula. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Potter family for keeping Flicka on through her first winter to reside in Cumbria, and taking such very good care of her before her final journey to Dream Hayven in the spring of 2023.

This filly is one of our 'class of 2022', a group of Fell Ponies we selected for their lineage, type and movement to represent Dream Hayven well into the future.