Littletree Bessie Bell
Imported Mare, born 2005, seal brown,
small star, 13.2 1/2 HH
Sire: Littletree Bodini
Dam: Lunesdale White Heather 
(S. Lunesdale Mountain Mist)
Bessie, 2018 BSPS Lancashire Show Champion, ©Phillipa Dawson Coates
Bessie, competing at the FPS Breed Show in 2015, UK.
Bessie exhibiting with her owner at a carriage driving show here in the states in 2019.
Bessie, prior to export at Stenkeld, Littletree, Cumbria UK
Bessie at a show in the UK, prior to import, being observed by Queen Elizabeth II!!
Bessie is near and dear to our hearts for so many reasons! Now a part of Dream Hayven, on kind loan from her owners, Bessie and her story have weaved their way thru our nearly two decades with the breed. She was an inspiration to us at a young age, as her quality as a young stock pony spoke to the ability of her parents to cross and produce exceptional stock- leading us to import both her sire and dam!
As her career achieved one accolade after another, quite literally too many to mention, she became a sought after import, making her way to America, and to the eventual life as a ridden junior pony, as well as learning carriage driving and debuting in that discipline.
Our hope with Bessie is to continue her career as a broodmare, begun back in 2009 on an evening in England that I had the honor of being a part of, with the birth of Littletree Busy Lizzie. The prevalence of Adamthwaite lines on the top and bottom of her pedigree indicate she will be an excellent cross to the lines here we already have in place. In the meantime, we look forward to an occasional trek through the woods on this amazing Fell mare, as she makes her way to eventual retirement.
Pictured at two years old