Ayla is one of the newer additions to our mare herd, and one of the most anticipated! 
I had visited Ayla's breeder Gilly Chippendale in the summer of 2018, at her family's home at Wharton Hall, and was enraptured by the landscape and terrain her ponies are raised upon, as well as her attention to detail in stock rearing. We also seem to have a similar eye for ponies.

I will be forever grateful to Gilly when in 2021 she agreed Ayla could come to America and join Dream Hayven. Imported at 2 1/2 years old alongside a mature mare I chose from the Greenholme reduction auction, Ayla was the source of stability in the pair, taking everything in stride the entire journey. Her personality is resilient and accepting, curious and engaged and she has a maturity beyond her years.

I was drawn to Ayla's feminine features, combined with substance, in a pedigree that has Supreme Champions in both grand sires, and of course further back as well. Ayla's dam has produced quality, typey foals consistently season to season to a variety of stallions. Ayla began training in late fall of 2022 and shows exceptional courage and wisdom.
We are so excited for the future of this beautiful mare!

Ayla's foaling day in 2019. ©G Chippendale
Ayla with the imposing Wharton Hall behind her. ©G Chippendale
Posing for the camera in the garden at Wharton. ©G Chippendale
Being received at CEM quarantine in the USA, after traveling out of the UK.
Ayla in Cumbria as a two year old, ©G Chippendale.
Ayla at Dream Hayven, summer of her third year.
Ayla on the way to her first in-hand show, November 2022.
Ayla, September of 2022 as a three year old, ©Kristina McKenzie
Ayla's first ride, December of 2022 at Waypoint.
Ayla in Cumbria as a two year old. ©Gilly Chippendale
Lammerside Ayla
Imported by Dream Hayven in 2021
Born 2019, grey, 13.3 HH
Sire: Greenholme Jonjo
(S. Lunesdale Warlord, 2x FPS Stallion Show Supreme CH)
Dam: Stockleylane Annie
(S. Lunesdale Black Ice II, 3x FPS Stalllion Show Supreme CH)